Candc DC-C5 3.5mm Aux Out Lavalier Lavalier Microphone with Case
Candc DC-C5 3.5mm Aux Out Lavalier Lavalier Microphone with Case
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Candc DC-C5 lavalier lavalier with 3.5mm output, for video and audio aux recordings, the lavalier DC-C5 lavalier microphone provides clear and quality sound reproduction. It perceives better quality with all materials thanks to the microphone that detects 360° full sound. Thanks to the microphone's collar stabilizer apparatus, you can fix the microphone to your collar and have it on it. With the DC-C5 lavalier microphone on the 2 meter long cable, you can keep your distance wider in harmony with the recording process (phone, voice recorder, camera, etc.). It performs better as it has anti-stress and anti-interference equipment. 3.5 mm gold jack channel passage is used against corrosion. In addition, you can easily connect your headphones thanks to the additional 3.5 mm aux output on it. You can use it as a plug-and-play device without installing a driver.
Product features:
Brand: Candc
Model: DC-C5
Communication: Wired
Connection: 3.5mm Jack
Cable Length: 1.45 Meters
Connection2: 3.5mm aux (to pair your headphones)
Frequency Range: 65Hz - 18KHz
Package Included:
1 x Candc DC-06 Lapel Microphone
1 Carrier
1 x Collar Clip
What is Lapel Microphone?
Lavalier is a small microphone for hands-on use, such as for public speaking, theater, fixed to the collar.
Candc DC-C5 3.5mm aux Output Lavalier Microphone, Can I Use It On My Smartphone?
Candc DC-C5 lavalier microphone with 3.5mm aux output can be used compatible with phones with 3.5mm jack output.
Candc DC-C5 3.5mm Aux Output Lavalier Microphone With 3.5mm Aux Output What Is It For?
Candc DC-C5 lavalier microphone with 3.5mm aux output, you can connect your 3.5mm jack outputs with the aux output on it and listen to your video recordings.

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