What Are the Most Common Computer Problems?

Frequently asked questions about computer malfunctions at Bilkan Technology 1. "My computer won't turn on, what should I do?" 2. "My screen is black and the computer is not working, what could be wrong?" 3. "My computer's operating system crashed, how can I fix it?" 4. "My computer's fan is constantly making noise, what is the problem?" 5. "My computer's internet connection is disconnected, is there a solution?" 6. "My computer has become very slow, why could this be?" 7. "Could my computer have a virus? How can I check?" 8. "My computer keeps freezing, how can I fix it?" 9. "My USB devices are not recognized on the computer, what should I do?" 10. "My computer screen is showing strange colors, what could be wrong?" 11. "My computer suddenly shuts down, what is the reason?" 12. "My keyboard or mouse isn't working, what should I do?" 13. "There is no sound from my computer's speakers. Is there a solution?" 14. "My computer screen is flickering, what is the problem?" 15. "My computer's hard disk or SSD has failed, how can I fix it?" 16. "My webcam or microphone isn't working, what should I do?" 17. "My computer's battery life is too short, how can I use it longer?" 18. "There is a pixel problem on my computer's screen, is there a solution?" 19. "How can I reset my computer's BIOS settings?" 20. "How to update my computer's BIOS?" Bilkan Technology Ltd. Professional Computer Technical Service You can contact us at +90 392 444 70 60 or +905338457670 Our address is Merkez Ecevit Caddesi No 95 Güzelyurt Cyprus Warehouse Gönyeli You can have your Nicosia faults picked up from your home or workplace by calling 0533 845 76 70 and having them repaired at our Central technical service.